Juan & Sofi: A Playful Approach to Early Mathematics

Convinced of the capacity of new technologies to maximize children's learning abilities, we work with the Chilean publisher Planeta Sostenible to develop big impact educational digital resources for schools in Latin America. Juan y Sofi seek to strengthen basic topics of math through close characters, caring and relevant language, everyday scenarios and entertaining exercises. This collection of applications for children from 4-6 years is aligned with “Programa Pedagógico de Educación Parvularia del Ministerio de Educación Chileno”, and addresses learning centers as logical-mathematical relationships, the natural and cultural environment, quantification, time and spaces, among others.

Ministry of Education of Chile
Design Thinking, Lesson Development, UX/UI, Mobile Dev
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The Challenge

Trying to improve children’s learning experience through technology has been a challenge many have been trying to solve. And to improve Math skills and increase their academic efficiency in primary education throughout Latin America proved to be no easy feat because access proved to be the main difficulty. According to Mathematics in Latin America and the Caribbean, a study by the Mathematical Union, the best academic indicator of the student overall accomplishment, and more than 50% of Latin American students at 15 are not able to solve simple problems which need two or more logical steps for their solution.

Introducing Juan & Sofi

In 2013, Manuvo partnered with the Chilean publisher Planeta Sostenible to develop Juan and Sofi, a series of four digital resources that combines character-driven storytelling with basic notions in arithmetic, time, spatiality, and everyday life situations to spark a curiosity in STEAM subjects from an early age. Designed for children between 4-6 years old, studying the Kindergarten program of the Chilean Ministry of Education, Juan and Sofi is an app collection that includes the titles: Let's Learn The Numbers, Let's Order By Size, Let's Get To Know Juan and Sofi's House and Let's Spend A Day With Juan And Sofi.

Let’s learn the numbers

Juan and Sofi help users identify numbers 1 through 10, by completing number sequences and using them to count, measure, order and compare amounts related to their environment.

Sort by size

Juan and Sofi guide users acquire spatial math skills such as stacking, ascending, descending and sorting. With this game, users learn to establish similarities and differences between elements through comparison, classification and serialization of objects.

Visit Juan and Sofi’s house

Learn to understand the relationship of math to our surrounding environment by visiting Juan and Sofi’s house. With this game, users learn to orient themselves spatially.

Proudly, all four titles in the Juan and Sofi app series were distributed in 3,000 tablets delivered by the Ministry of Education of Chile across the country to develop basic skills in arithmetic, spatiality, time sequences and basic reading comprehension.